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The Many Kinds of FLIPS

The Many Kinds of FLIPS

Domains are one of my favorite things to flip, but there are so many other things that can be flipped, too!

Some of the easiest flips are things that can be found yard sales, thrift stores, and estate sale that are then flipped on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

I consider domains to be one of the more advanced forms of flipping. So if someone fresh wants to make some extra money online, I'm probably not going to have them start with flipping domains.

But I would definitely point them in the direction of yard sale and thrift store flipping. It's easy, low risk, and can put profits in your pockets relatively quickly compared to flipping domains.

Especially if they're using Google Lens to identify items with just a picture and then looking up SOLD prices on eBay. Even more so when they're buying things for a dollar that sell for $100+.

If you haven't been using Google Lens, try it here: https://lens.google/

To help people with this kind of flipping, I wrote a new book called The Flip Game and it launches on June 21st.


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It may be silly, but for me, hunting for treasure at thrift stores and yard sales is just FUN! Especially when you can find items like this $2.49 NERF bat that can be FLIPPED on eBay for $75-$100 PROFIT!

I have so many great examples like this one to SHARE WITH YOU through the book and on the special launch webinar on June 21.

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