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DomainFlips.com is LIVE!

DomainFlips.com is LIVE!

I bought my first domain in 1999 and I've been fascinated with them ever since. They are like digital real estate that can be bought and sold by anyone from anywhere in the world. Domains can be purchased for as little as $9 and can sell for millions of dollars!

In August of 2021, I sold TWO domains for $100,000. I sold sell.io for $65,000 and merch.co for $35,000.

Receipt #1: Sell.io

Receipt #2: Merch.co

Crazy, right?

I never really planned to make a site, course, or book about domains, but after selling these two domains, I bought this domain, DomainFlips.com in order to have one place for all of my information and content about finding, buying, and selling domains.

The book/course is coming soon along with a Domain Challenge and you can be the first to know by joining the FREE DomainFlips Newsletter!